Hitachi’s internship and Co-op programs are designed to give students real world experience in the manufacturing industry. Prior to any intern starting, management creates an individualized program for each intern that is geared towards their education, skills, and career interests. Each intern is given specific projects along with on the job training and mentoring. Throughout the program, we offer various opportunities for students to learn more about our company, industry careers, and skills that will help them land a job once they enter the workforce. At the end of every internship and Co-op, students give a final presentation that details their experience at Hitachi. College interns and Co-ops are recruited through university career fairs throughout the state of Indiana as well as through direct applications on our website. High school interns are recruited through the Conexus Indiana Intern Program with interviews conducted on-site at local high schools in Decatur and surrounding counties. If you are interested in one of our student programs or would like more information, please email us at

Intern Experiences

Ethan - Web Developer and IT

Ethan's Tasks and Duties:

  • Designed and developed the current version of the company site
  • Coordinated all content, pictures, and media used on the website
  • Designed company banners for use at job fairs and other advertising
  • Created and designed corporate presentations
  • Directed and edited an interview film for the apprenticeship section of the site. View video here:


Aaron - Electrical Engineering

Aaron's Tasks and Duties:

  • 80/20 Robot cage Assembling
  • Designing parts with Autodesk Inventor
  • Running wires and air tubing around robot cages
  • Wiring buff and deburr machine electrical panels
  • Wiring HMI panels
  • Learning to create a Pro-Face HMI panel


Brandon - Conexus Intern

Brandon's Tasks and Duties:

  • Acquire furnace flow meter data to analyze gas usage
  • Began assembly of a 360 inspection units
  • Daily routine quality assurance testing for hardness
  • Created models of various parts for machining
  • Wiring electrical panel with fellow Intern Aaron
  • Sat in on important meetings and discussions


Ryan - Industrial Engineering

Ryan's Tasks and Duties:

  • Cycle time studies
  • Provided suggestions for improving cycle times
  • Operator percent utilization
  • Determined number of operators needed for various manufacturing cells
  • Down time studies
  • Determined cause of problems with various machines so it can be addressed


Shelby - Conexus Intern

Shelby's Tasks and Duties:

  • Daily quality assurance testing for micro hardness
  • Built robot cages
  • Designed a plate in Autodesk Inventor
  • Redesigned mounts for 360 inspection unit to mount to IM machines
  • 3D printed several parts for 360 to IM conversion
  • Several smaller day-to-day tasks


Charlie - Conexus Intern

Charlie's Tasks and Duties:

  • Located asset tags
  • Painted plastic skids with ID labels
  • Assembled 360 final detects
  • Went though gauge training
  • Looked for micro hardness
  • Designed 360 inspection unit parts in Inventor
  • Assembled tool carts
  • Helped put machines in position to be installed


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